Fiber Optic Cables

Pre-Terminated Cabling vs. Field-Terminated Cabling

In the field of fiber optic cabling, termination refers to the addition of fiber optic connectors to each fiber. While technicians have come up with several ways to terminate fiber optic cables, there are two major methods for termination—field terminated and pre-terminated. Learning the differences between the two—and their strengths and weaknesses—can help you decide […]

Fiber Optic Transceiver

What Kind of Switches and Patch Cables Should I Choose for SFP Transceiver?

Gigabit Ethernet has supplanted Fast Ethernet in wired local networks and becomes ubiquitous throughout the world, serving as one of the most prevalent enterprise communication standard. The Gigabit Ethernet standard supports a maximum data rate of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps)(1000 Mbps), 10 times faster than Fast Ethernet, yet is compatible with existing Ethernet. To […]

Fiber Optic Cables

IP67 Waterproof Fiber Optic Patch Cable– A Survival In Harsh Environment

IP67 waterproof fiber optic patch cable can be used in harsh environment, providing more convenience and extra protection for network systems. Even if there are various patch cables available on the market, which can be used in different applications, in most cases, they can only be installed in relatively protected environment where stay away from […]